rv washing rv waxing in Biloxi

NOTE:  The prices below are BASE prices as some parks have an additional water usage charge.


Basic Wash  $3 per foot- wash all RV surfaces including bugs off windshield, front ,rear, sides and slide outs, tires and wheels, then dry and do windows (ROOF & AWNING NOT CLEANED). 


Deluxe Wash $4 per foot- Wash entire RV, this includes roof cleaned and scrubbed and tires dressed. 


Premium Wash $5 per foot- Wash, plus rubber roof treatment and wax front end with *REJEX brand polymer .

* REJEX is a super long lasting polymer protectant go to www.rejex.com for more information on this product. *


                                    WAXING ----(prices include washing)   

NOTE:   washing and waxing prices are BASED on size and condition of your RV or camper.  If you have a "distressed" or RV that has not been maintained with regular washes or regular waxing you could be looking at additional charges for extra time, effort and materials.


$10-$11 per foot- small campers under 30 feet in length


$11-$13  per foot- campers RVS to 45 feet in length


A-la-carte------ Awning cleaned $25, Rubber Roof Treatment $35, Wax front end with Rejex $35, Polish wheels from $10 per wheel.  

      All RV waxing is done by hand to assure you a quality job!

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RV Wash & Wax